Graber in a bind; the 94s and 105s

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3 Responses to Graber in a bind; the 94s and 105s

  1. Eamonn Flanagan says:

    I had the pleasure of attending both the 94s and the 105s also. What a great couple of classes. The 94s was particularly congested and it seemed like almost every lifter took an attempt of 220 or 221 in the clean and jerk. Some lifters must have had 10 minute breaks between attempts which is very challenging. The young Iranian (only 18 I think) performed very well, as did Ivanov. However, I thought Ilin Ilya looked comfortable and in complete control. Despite being robbed of his last snatch he was in real control come the clean and jerk portion of the contest. He played an intelligent waiting game, opening quite late allowing him (and his coaches) to really assess what the competition were capable of. He looked good for more in the clean and jerk. From the small amount of video footage that I saw on the big screen from the warm-up room, he always looked like he expected to win – he exuded an air of confidence and expectation. Wouldn’t we all if we could clean and jerk 230kg

  2. Eamonn Flanagan says:

    Some footage from the 105s.

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