Training hall footage; the 77s about to begin

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4 Responses to Training hall footage; the 77s about to begin

  1. Adam says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for writing these reports, very entertaining and informative. I’ve been looking forward to them since discovering your blog after the WWC in Antalya. Have you seen any great lifters of the past show up? Any sightings of Naim, Dimas, or Khaki?

    • dboffa says:

      my pleasure; thanks for reading them. dimas is around this year, although i haven’t seen him yet. david rigert is of course around, as is rezazadeh. i imagine a few more guys will come out as the week goes on.

  2. Thomas says:

    This is a great blog, David. Training hall videos are solid gold to watch. We’ve seen some great lifting in competition, but as a lifter myself I find these preparation videos just as great. Hope you can catch Klokov in the hall.

    Looking forward to the writing and footage!

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